Why would

Two Gen-X guys

know anything about millennials?

Deddy Corbuzier

Deddy is a master mentalist and magician, Under ArmourAthlete, Wingchun master and a famous talkshow host on Indonesian national television. Deddy and Erik have been long term friends and business partners and when Erik came to him with the idea of millennial power he loved and and here we are building a business again together.

Erik ten Have

For more than 20 years I have successfully built and operated various businesses in Indonesia and have grown my property investment portfolio both in Indonesia and the UK. When I had Deddy speak on one of my events it clicked we should work together to make a program for Millennials and Millennial Power was born.

Introduction to Millennial Power - At what age should you be successful?

Some Fun Facts about Millennials

Millennials in Indonesia
99 %
looking for work
Our joint age
> 100.000
Amount of DM Tweets Questions per week